Steak & Meat Dishes
Tournedos Oscar
69.50 TL
(Bearnaise sauce,2 Jumbo Prawns
  & asparagus)
Tournedos Bearnaise
65.50 TL
(Tournedos w. bearnaise sauce)
Tournedos Rossini
65.50 TL
(Tournedos w. mushroom &
  red wine sauce )
Coeur de Filet Provencale
62,50 TL
(Fillet slices w. garlic butter)
Coeur de Filet Parisienne
62,50 TL
(Fillet slices w. bearnaise &
  mushroom sauce)
Pepper Steak
61,50 TL
(Fillet of beef w. pepper sauce)
Black & White
61,50 TL
(Bearnaise and mushroom sauce,
  & red wine sauce)
Steak Roquefor
62,50 TL
(Fillet of beef with
Roquefor sauce)
Steak Diana
61,50 TL
(Mushroom & onion)
Bistecca Mexicana
56,00 TL
(Steak w. hot pepper sauce)
Bistecca Svedese
56,00 TL
(Steak w. sweet onion &
  red wine sauce)
Entrecote Bearnaise
56,00 TL
(W. bearnaise sauce)
Lamb Chops
61,50 TL
(W. garlic butter)
Shish Kebab
61,50 TL
(W. white cheese sauce)
Mixed Grill
61,50 TL
(Fillet of beef, lamb chop,
  turkish meatballs, chicken breast)
Turkish Meat Casserole
56,00 TL