(All salads include vegetables from the season,
  fresh herbs and onion)
Season Salad
18.50 TL
(Olives, mozzarella, lemon & olive oil)
Fillet of Beef Salad (warm)
39.50 TL
(Grilled slices of beef & mushroom,
  fried onion, mustard sauce)
Chicken Salad (warm)
31.50 TL
(Fried slices of chicken,
  sweet corn, mustard sauce)
Greek Salad
25.00 TL
(Feta cheese, olives, ranch sauce)
Tuna Fish Salad
31.50 TL
(Tuna fish, olives, sweet corn,
  mustard sauce)
Sea Food Salad (warm)
39.50 TL
(Fried shrimp, mussel, calamari,
  Rhode Island dressing)
11.00 TL
Garlic bread with cheese
7.00 TL